The Pursuit of Style

Hello, Monday! I’m hoping some of you might be enjoying a snow day today. There’s nothing I love more than an excuse to light a fire, curl up with a book, and completely indulge in the life of a recluse while the snow falls.

Perhaps I was subconsciously inspired by this book everyone seems to be talking about, but this weekend I ruthlessly edited our apartment. Gone went the floor lamp I don’t even like but loyally moved from one apartment to the next, quickly joined by even more flotsam and jetsam that’s been cluttering our lives.

Starting the week off with a clean slate and letting go of all that excess is a wonderful feeling and the perfect way to close out January. Let’s hope I can keep this quality over quantity mantra going straight through February.
Next up, my closet…


Winslow Homer

Glitter Guide Marlien Rentmeester-bedroom

Manuel Canovas Sark Wallpaper

I wanted to title this post “Put a Bird on It” but figured an obscure Portlandia reference might be lost on the majority of readers (kind of a weird show, right?)

Anyway, I was cleaning up my iPhone camera roll last night and came across a photo of a Winslow Homer oil painting I snapped at the National Gallery a few months ago.

I was drawn to the moody, saturated colors–it’s hard to see but the duck’s eye is the most unexpected shade of Veuve Cliquot orange–a color I previously would never have thought to pair with sea greens and grays.

Ironically, I had happened to be looking at Manuel Canovas’ Sark wallpaper earlier in the day (it would be criminal if I didn’t take the opportunity to use this pun) and they are so obviously birds of a feather.

The wallpaper is even more fabulous in person and immediately reminded me of Marlien Rentmeester’s master bedroom decorated by Hillary Thomas which features the fabric version of Sark. Oh how my brain is a funny little decorating rabbit hole…

I think it goes without saying that I’m now eagerly seeking opportunities to ‘put a bird on it’.

Have a great weekend!


Tobi Fairley | Rue

Marbelized It started with this planner by Julia Kostreva whose shop filled with products with a modern edge has quickly become a new favorite.

Then I discovered Scout & Catalogue’s hand dyed accessories inspired by the beaches of Mexico via an interview on Design Sponge.

A pair of timeless blue and white lamps fueled my fire–I’d swap out the shades for something custom to really make these showstoppers.

With three amazing products I was already ready to call this a trend, but the latest issue of Rue Magazine featuring a penthouse with a swirling sea of Black Crow Studios wallpaper (technically watercolor but I’m not going to split hairs here) designed by Tobi Fairley sealed the deal…

Marbelized is having a major moment and I’m on board!


Blue & White FabricsJohn Robshaw fabrics at my absolute favorite showroom: John Rosselli

Oh, the Monday blues. If you’re celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day with a three day weekend maybe today isn’t quite as blue, but if you’re back to the grind I commiserate and offer up some fabric eye candy as consolation.

My weekend went by entirely too quickly as they always do, but was punctuated with a design presentation for some really lovely clients that I’m pretty thrilled about. More to come. (P.S I know I keep saying this and it’s annoying as hell, but cha-cha-cha changes are coming! Promise.)

In non-design related news Washingtonian recently released its list of 100 Best Restaurants and we spent some time last night culling it for new spots to try. One of our shared goals for 2015 was to be more intentional with our dining choices. Less mildly satisfying take-out and more date nights–12 to be specific.

In addition to spending a less ridiculous amount on dining out, I’m thinking the anticipation of one special night a month somewhere we’re dying to try will actually make us enjoy the meal more! I’ll let you know how the experiment goes, but in the interim I’d love to know: what’s the best restaurant–anywhere in the world–you’ve ever been to? We can all add to our lists.

Happy MLK Jr. Day!


Fashion and interiors go hand in hand. When a client is having difficulty articulating their style it’s not uncommon for me to shift the conversation to fashion. Who are their favorite designers? If they could wear one label exclusively (and money was no object of course!) what would it be?

Counter intuitive? Perhaps. But you’d be surprised how re-framing the conversation draws out preferences that more often than not translate to their taste in interiors.
Prada Heels

I’ll use myself as an example. I pinned these insane Prada heels and the shot of Caroline Robert’s guest bedroom from an old issue of Lonny almost back-to-back.

You don’t have to look too far around this blog to pick up on the fact that I’m partial to a punch of vermillion and an updated take on tradition; and I’d really like to have those sandals and linens.

Lonny Magazine May/June 2011| Caroline Robert

What do you think… notice any trends between your closet & casa?