Apologies for my absence, I’ve been traveling up the East Coast to make it home for my sister’s graduation.  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend and took the time to say a prayer in honor of our troops.  I’m so excited to be home for the week and I’ve already got a few things lined up.  
1. A nice long walk on the beach for the pups.  My sister took this picture of our favorite beach just a few short minutes from our house and I think it’s stunning.

2. Enjoying one of these fresh off my Uncle’s boat.  My mom has named the poor guy Felix.  I think I’ll feel worse about putting him in the pot now that he has a name!
3. A desperately needed pedicure.  I’m loving this pink called Funny Face by Essie!  Pink and an Audrey reference, what more can you ask for right?
4.  I think my freshly painted toes would be ready for a new pair of these!  I’m thinking white will be a good addition to my family of Jack’s.
I hope everyone’s shortened work work is off to a great start now that you are well rested from the weekend (or maybe you’re still recovering)!

12 thoughts on “HOME SWEET HOME

  1. loving your weekend- what a great place to get to call home- isn’t it fun to love where you’re from and just going back and just *being* as my nanny says?! love the JRs too- such a fun picture- you should frame it!


  2. I have been thinking of adding a white pair of JRs to my closet too! I have white McKims, but sometimes a pair of JRs just looks better!

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