During my new apartment induced design binge over the weekend I came across the most amazing company, Leontine Linens.  Leontine Linens offers a wide variety of couture linens and gifts.  In my opinion, monogrammed linens are a staple and Leontine Linens offers just that with a little twist.  A quick glance at their monograms page and you will know what I mean!   Look at their beautiful work:

Read more about Jane Scott the founder below:
As the founder of couture fine linens company Leontine Linens, Jane Scott Hodges is credited with reviving the art of couture linens for home. As an innovator of, and the authority on, fine linens, she is known for her ability to introduce heirloom quality luxury linens and accessories for everyday use. More so, Jane Scott took the heritage driven concept of the monogram and rejuvenated it with a modern sensibility, incorporating unique styles and unexpected color.
Influenced by her Southern upbringing and a Jane Scott Hodgesbelief in the importance of heritage, Jane Scott was always fascinated with antiques and heirlooms. At the same time she was preparing for her wedding, Jane Scott stumbled upon her own great grandmother’s trousseau in the cellar of her parents’ 1780s Kentucky farmhouse. Inspired by her discovery, Jane Scott sought out her very own bridal trousseau emblazoned with her new monogram. After scouring the New Orleans shops and boutiques where she and her soon-to-be husband lived, Hodges was surprised and disappointed by the lack of custom fine linens, and thus she identified a need in the marketplace. Upon returning to Kentucky for her wedding, she discovered the Kentucky-based Eleanor Beard studio, an historic all-female company that since 1921, has hand-created linens known the world over for their superb quality. Jane Scott began Leontine Linens in 1996 to showcase their artisinal work. Shortly thereafter, in 2002, Hodges acquired Eleanor Beard Studio and has assumed the role of caretaker to the historic company.
Jane Scott met with her clients at their homes and returned to her back bedroom office to create unique products that were truly tailored to the lifestyle and aesthetic of the clients themselves. With her husband Philip, they decided to conduct the majority of the product sales by in-home appointment, a unique customized experience that set Leontine Linens apart from other companies. No items are stocked; Rather, products are tailor-made by the 25 skilled artisans at the Eleanor Beard studio.
The company quickly gained a loyal following and became a hit among socialites, celebrities and the editorial industry. As Leontine Linens started to gain popularity, the product became available on a national level. Hodges organically grew her company to include six sales women, a flagship store which opened in New Orleans in 2005, a showroom in Atlanta and an easy-to-navigate website.
I hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about this fabulous company as much as I have!

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  1. love love love- what great taste you have! the lemon yellow monogrammed ones in the first pic are so perky and summery!


  2. There are no words…those chairs look out of this world. I have seen her stuff in many of my design mags & books. Thanks for sharing…love this post. xxxx me

  3. Oh my goodness! These are all beautiful! I’m immediately checking out their website! Must haves!!! 😉

  4. I love Leotine items too! If you are looking for something very similar at a better price point you need to try Schweitzer!!

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