This week has been off to a good start with the arrival of some anxiously awaited packages to spruce up my bathroom.  
1.  The Diamond Kilim Printed Rug from Urban Outfitters.  I’m a big fan of bold patterns so this rug was right up my alley.  And, a 3×5 was only $12.00!!  

2. These towels from Home Goods are satisfying my love of the Greek Key pattern.

3. A beautiful print from Anne Harwell will be the perfect finishing touch!

I’m sure you’re thinking I’m crazy for having so much pattern going on in my bathroom, but I promise it looks great!


With all the rain we’ve been having I decided to use this weekend to tackle some DIY projects I’ve had on the back burner. First up is my version of the Jonathan Adler Chinese Chippendale chair shown below. I love the look of this chair but don’t love the $500 price tag. To recreate this I started combing Craigslist for a similar chair. This week I lucked out and nabbed one for $15! Next was a trip to Home Depot for some high gloss lime green spray paint. I was so excited to start painting I forgot to take a before picture, but trust me you’re not missing much. The chair was natural wood and had some glue residue on it that I was able to loosen w/ nailpolish remover and scrape off with a knife.

Here’s the final product:

Jonathan Adler’s Version…
My version!

For some reason the color is showing up much lighter than it is in person, but you get the idea. I still need to do a second coat of paint on this but that will have to wait till tomorrow.


So I did kind of lead you on with that title but how cute are these cocktail napkins from Avril Loreti’s Etsy store?!  I think these are a fantastic tribute to the iconic Hermes bag and would look wonderful on any fashion maven’s table.  They come in sets of eight or four and at $52.00 and $26.00 respectively, they are much more friendly on the wallet than their leather counterpart!


Silk scarves are so versatile- I just love them! I tie them to handbags, use them as belts, headbands, a sash for dresses or even as a top in the summertime. The options are nearly endless! J Mclaughlin has an absolutely beautiful collection of scarves that are at a more affordable price point than your traditional Hermes. Here are a few favorites…
Gorgeous, right?