How adorable are these candles from Seda France. They have certainly mastered the art of packaging! I haven’t sampled these yet myself but Raspberry Pomegranate and Sugar Blossom Lime sound promising.

Here are some other products from Seda France. No wrapping required for these hostess gifts. Add a cute pack of matches and you’re ready to go. My favorite are the pagoda candles. I’ll have to get to a retail store so I can pick my favorite scent!

I’m glad to be finally packed for my trip to Florida. Packing for two weeks can be time consuming when you’re like me and like to pick out each individual outfit down to the shoes and accessories!
If anyone has any suggestions for things to do in the Gainesville, Tallahassee, Pensacola and Orlando area I’d love to hear them! I’ll be in each area for several days visiting colleges/universities. Hopefully I’ll find some free time as well!

14 thoughts on “BON CHIC

  1. I live in Tallahassee now and lived in Gainesville for 3.5 years 🙂 I graduated from both FSU and UF…if you have any specific questions about the schools you can email me or leave a comment on my blog.

    If you're driving from pensacola to tallahassee, or vice versa, you have to detour along 30A- Seaside, Watercolor, Sandestin all have lots of neat things to see!

  2. Hi! I live in Orlando. There are great restaurants and shopping in Winter Park, which is just past downtown on Park Avenue. Downtown Disney and Citywalk at Universal are fun too. There's also a great mall – Millenia Mall. Let me know if you need any other suggestions or want to meet up for cofffee or something!

  3. Seda France is one of my favorite candle brands…they are still a bit of a splurge, but they smell fantastic, and who can resist that packaging! Japanese Quince is my favorite.

  4. If you are in Winter Park (a suburb of Orlando), you must stop by a restaurant called Dexter's. They have the most delicious food and are known for their sweet potato chips and dexter's special sandwich-turkey, lettuce, tomato, honey mustard and cheese pressed on a french roll-heaven!

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