With all the rain we’ve been having lately in D.C, a new pair of wellies was definitely in order. I’ve been wanting Hunters for a while but haven’t wanted to pay the $115.00 price tag. Lucky for me I was able to find a great website that sells them for $94.00! I’m always up for a bargain and I know that these will last me for years to come. If you’re looking for a pair check out Dover Saddlery!

P.S Check out these sassy leopard welly socks you can accessorize your Hunters with. Too cute!

11 thoughts on “READY FOR THE RAIN

  1. I am all for a little off where you can get it- thank you for the heads up and how fabulously sassy are you going to be with the leopard trim?! rock it S&S, rock it!


  2. I got mine for $99 and free shipping! I got the navy blue, and have been wearing them for several months now. They are fantastic in the rain. Mine came with a layer of white wax that I haven't bothered to scrub off… I'm hoping it'll wear off on its own. Love them!

  3. I've been lusting after these boots for years too! Good for you, treating yourself. The streets of D.C. have never looked so good in the rain!

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