I really think I need to create an Etsy Addicts Annonymous group if one isn’t in existence already. I’ve spent countless hours on Etsy absorbed in the hunt for hidden treasures and have definitely put my paypal account to good use.

My most recent find was via CrashandCarry’s shop where I snagged this vintage chinoiserie fabric. I honestly have no idea what I’m going to use it for yet but I just knew I couldn’t pass it up.

I bought two pieces of fabric with this beautiful office in mind. Wouldn’t it look great framed? It’s completely slipped my mind where I found these images so if you know where they came from please drop me a line so I can give proper credit.

source unknown

source unknown

This photo from Domino is making me think framing it might be the way to go!

Domino via Chinoiserie Chic

And just so we can all ooh and ahh here’s one of my favorite pictures from the past issue of Lonny.


  1. I know exactly what you mean. But you can find anything on Etsy! I knew I was in trouble when I moved it from my Bookmarks Folders to my Bookmarks Bar. So now it's up there with Lilly and J. Crew and Saks and kate spade! 😉 Yes, to the framing! xoxo

  2. Very pretty touch of Spring – I painted a mural in several panels like that for a living room. I love the delicacy of prints like that!

  3. I tend to mark items as favorites on etsy and return repeated to stare at them until I buy them or someone else snags them while I'll back and forth. I bought 3 strands of pearls last night for some fun new projects I have been planning!

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