After falling in love with the Princess and the Pea photo from Hermes’ 2010 ad campaign, I didn’t think it was possible to love an advertisement any more. Then I came across the rest of the photos…
I present to you, the most fantastic ad campaign ever created:

The ads feature model Karlie Kloss, veritable fashion royalty. Did you know she graced the pages of Vogue more than any other model in 2009? And by Vogue I mean pretty much all of them… American, Australian, Chinese, Brazilian, Spanish, German, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, French, Russian and British.
P.S She’s only 17. What were we doing at 17? Definitely not anything as swoon-worthy.
P.P.S Does anyone know what glossy the Princess and the Pea ad is in? I must get my hands on a copy immediately!

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