In our apartment we have a huge, boring, what I like to call “rental beige” (you know the color) wall. Since we’re unable to paint, I decided a photo wall would be a great way to break up the space and add some much needed color.
A few weeks back I posted about the set of Penguin Postcards I ordered from the UK because I was too impatient to wait until they became available in the U.S. Well, they finally came and now I have the perfect pieces for my gallery wall!
My first step was picking out my favorite post cards from the set. There were so many great ones it was tough!

Here’s what I initially picked out and narrowed down from:

Next I picked up some 4×6 Ribba frames from Ikea and framed the 18 post cards I had chosen. At $2.99/frame you can’t beat Ikea’s prices!
Finally, after trying several different layouts I decided on one that I liked. I decided to include a Sebastian Fernando Boher silkscreen I bought from the Natural Curiosities sale on One Kings Lane a few weeks ago.

We’ve decided to leave the hardest part, hanging the frames, until this weekend. I’ll be sure to let you see the final result after we get everything measured out and hung correctly.
If you have any tips pleave me a comment, I’d appreciate all the help I can get!


  1. This is a fabulous idea…I have always seen the collages with pictures of weddings, etc. but this is my favorite one so far. Thanks for sharing your idea!

  2. Good Luck, it should go smoothly since you've done such a good job arranging it on the floor first!
    Can't wait to see how it turns out

  3. I love those. I plan on getting that set, also! When I hang several things like that I use a level to make sure they are straight all the way across. You can make light pencil marks before you start the nailing. They erase easily. I think Martha Stewart makes templates out of brown kraft paper and hangs those first before the final step. She may even have some helpful instructions on her website!! Be sure to post a photo of your creation. xoxo

  4. Love the rhino print… was admiring it myself recently! Your wall will be fantastic… can't wait to see the tedious work pay off.

  5. Cannot wait to see this! I signed up to be notified by Amazon when the postcards are available here but I may have to go your route instead.

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