I think I’ve already made my love of Pieces abundantly clear so I will let these pictures speak for themselves…

All photos via Starfish and Sundresses’ Blackberry
I hope my next visit to Atlanta comes sooner rather than later!

18 thoughts on “GONE TO PIECES

  1. I am so jealous – looking at this place on-line is simply not enough! Thanks for sharing some photos! And I ADORE the new look around here 🙂 Girly and sophisticated rolled into one! Marija

  2. Love love the new header…nautical and beach rein supreme around here. We're either navigating thru water or all the stuff we have.

  3. First, I love the pink in those first two photos. Second, I really want that Kelly Wearstler urchin pillow. Third, love the new blog design!

  4. I think we must be twins sadly separated at birth because I think I'm the only other person out there on a first name basis with Perry! Love them! such good taste. xo Erica

  5. EJR- It was SUCH a tease. I wanted everything! Sadly I knew I couldn't fit anything else in my suitcase which was already busting at the seams.

    La Dolfina- Thanks! I've been obsessed with maps lately so I thought why not give my blog a little love.

    Ashlina- Thanks girl!

    Lavender & Lilies- Sigh, isn't it so hard to pick a favorite? I was loving all the pink!

    Beach House Living- I hear ya! Being from Cape Cod, the beach will always own a huge chunk of my heart!

    Buckhead Belle- If I were lucky enough to live in your beautiful area I'd probably be in there daily ha! They'd have to put a restraining order on me!

    Marija- Online is never enough is it? I have to be able to touch things, I'm a very tactile person. Glad you like the new look!

    Erica- I agree! I'm glad to have found my long lost twin 🙂 xx

    The Zhush- Sadly, I had to walk away empty handed…this time at least. I did grab a set of Pieces matches to remember it by.

  6. What beautiful things! I've never been but will have to visit the next time I'm home in Atlanta. So glad you had a great trip!

  7. Oh my!!! These photos are helping me with my retail withdrawals! Thanks!!! I will definitely have to stop here on my next trip to Atlanta. I think I spot a "HOPE" pillow in the third pillow down – like the "LOVE" treatment? Very very cool!!!

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