A few weeks ago during the Harry Barker sale on One King’s Lane I bought this large Hemp Stripe dog bed for our pup. This is completely unsolicited, but I just had to post about how great their products are. The bed is huuge, much bigger than I expected and the quality is excellent. I want to curl up on it and take a nap! Needless to say our lil guy is very happy. My mother even bought a smaller bed for our family’s beagle. Lots of Harry Barker love going around.

13 thoughts on “NO BONES ABOUT IT

  1. What a great dog bed… you scored for your dog, big time! I've bought several things from One Kings Lane and have been very happy too. The latest is a reproduction, very large pond yacht which I still have to assemble but it looks awesome packed up in the box!!

  2. Actually it looks identical to the one you featured in a photo on India Hicks!! It sits in front of her bookcase. I adored that post by the way:)

  3. I almost bought Cole one too, but then I remembered that he is so spoiled that we let him on the couches. I think his nose would be out of joint if encouraged him to sleep on a dog bed, even if it is as good looking as the one above.

  4. La Dolfina- Isn't OKL the best?! Your sailboat sounds amazing-can't wait to see it when it's put together. P.S thank you so much for the award you are too sweet!!

    The Zhush- Aw a new pup?! I hope you share a million pictures. I desperately want another.

    EJR-Cole is such a cutie! I'd let him sleep on my couch too 🙂

    Cristin-Very good reason. If you ever do get one though, you'll know where to head!

    Erica-Thanks so much for stopping by, glad to have you as a new follower!

    The Redhead-I loove the name Lola. Our pups are stylin' together!

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