Last spring, in between graduating college and loading up the U-haul to seek new adventures in D.C, I made one last trip to a favorite antique store. On my last visit I picked up a pair of teal pierced porcelain lamps that I swooned over for their shape and detail. The teal wasn’t exactly the most stylish look so these lamps were in desperate need of a make-over.
Here’s what a lot of patience, a tiny paint brush, and a few coats of paint got me:

And here’s the not so glamorous before:

I think they look a hundred times better in white and they’re so much easier to decorate with now that they’re a neutral shade! What do you think?

11 thoughts on “RE-VAMPED LAMPS

  1. Love your re-vamped lamps! I totally agree that the shape is gorgeous, but that teal color doesn't do it justice! The white with the red shade is fabulous!

  2. Katie- Of course we can be friends! I need your sound judgement on all things stylish and wonderful! Our puppies can play too xx

  3. The lamps look great! I would love to see a tour of your apartment sometime and how all your fabulous projects have come together.

  4. oh my!

    seriously, WELL done!
    ahhh, I love a good makeover!

    i love that you are a cape codder too! (where did you grow up!?!) coming north this summer? if so, we should totally meet up for coffee and some thrifting!

    happy spring!

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