Sometimes the best parts of a trip are the ones you didn’t plan in advance. While driving through Alabama we happened across a quirky roadside antique mall. With an hour to kill we decided to check it out. I’m so glad we did! This place was an absolute treasure trove. I kept thinking how my friend Katie over at The Neo-Traditionalist could stock her shop for months with all the goodies to be found there!
So here’s what I was able to cram into my suitcase:

I fell in love with these little elephant candlesticks. When I turned them over and saw they were Mottahedeh I think my jaw hit the floor.

Another favorite find is this brass cherry blossom branch candelabra. Very fitting since the Cherry Blossom Festival is well underway here in DC.

I loved all the colors in this framed stamp collection. The bud vase just had to come home with me too–those little pink flowers just stole my heart!

My most economical find was this tiny club dish which I paid $1 for. No, I do not play cards, I just thought it was sweet. Currently it is holding some of my rings.

My brass pineapple vase ($3) is holding court on my bookshelf.
Giraffes are one of my favorite animals so I couldn’t pass up this print. He’s now hanging in my bathroom. I am clearly lusting after spring because I just couldn’t get enough florals! This gravy boat, stamped Royal Cotswald, reminded me of the floral patterns J.Crew is showing this season.
Here’s what I left behind for the next lucky travelers:
I told you I’m obsessed!

I’m obsessed with vintage maps and globes lately. Sadly this wouldn’t pack well ha!

This Hollywood Regency style mirror was $45.00!! I already have one which UPS completely shattered in the mail (and now won’t pay for the insurance) but that’s a completely different story…

Loooved this little yellow alarm clock. It was in my basket for the longest time!

Not quite sure what these little piggies are for but they were hand carved and kind of cute.
Hope you enjoyed checking out my souvenirs. Have you found any treasures on your travels lately?

24 thoughts on “WHAT I BROUGHT BACK

  1. Oh sweetie, let me tell you, you made some AMAZING purchases!!!! I am so utterly obsessed with your cherry blossom candelabra and the pineapple vase. So charming and such little treasures! I am so needing that little yellow alarm clock, what a happy way to wake up every day! SO glad you had such a fun trip and got to bring home some goodies!!

  2. You definitely left with the cream of the crop!
    Great eye! It's hard to pick a favorite but I think it has to be the pair of elephant candlesticks!
    Thanks for sharing your finds. I love to see treasures from other parts of the country!

  3. WOW! Those top two candle holders are beyond! And your new ring dish is so sweet. Looks like you had the best trip!

  4. Ooohh! I have my living room as a vintage map/globe theme. That globe definitely caught my eye. And those flowery plates are so pretty!! My best friend would die for those elephant candlesticks though. Nice choice!!!

  5. goldmine! love every single one of your finds. these are the special treats that make a house a home. now how can i get myself down to alabama….?

  6. Trish-Thanks! The candelabra is definitely one of my favorites. I've never come across something like it! I'll have to travel to AL more often! xx

    Chloe- You are too sweet. You definitely have an eye yourself though, I loved all the shoes you recently posted!

    EJR-The bf thinks I'm completely crazy and that our house is going to look like a zoo, but I just loved him so much he had to come home!

    Preppy 101-Thanks! I love the little elephants too. I have to thank my mom for spotting them up on a high shelf! Aren't moms the best?

    La Dolfina-I agree, I always love seeing what you've found over on the west coast!

    Bluehydrangea- Yes! One trip! Can you believe my suitcase was only 1lb over the limit?! I'm glad I packed light 😉

    The Zhush-I'm glad you appreciate my little ring dish! The bf keeps asking me what I'm ever going to do with it ha!

    Same Sweet Girl-Your living room sounds amazing! I looove maps and globes. I'm hoping to find a vintage map for our bathroom in our new place.

    Naomi-You seriously must make it down to Alabama. I'll go with you and be tour guide! xx

  7. Whaaaaat?! I can't believe how cheap everything is and your finds are AMAZING!!! This is why I wanted to move south, sigh. I'm DYING over here : ) We must go together someday! That would be too much fun!!!
    XO Katie

  8. I love your blog! I stumbled across it today…I esp. liked your post on dogs in photos…I had a similar one a few days ago!

  9. Love all your finds. Hope you have a great weekend. Sorry I've been MIA…hopefully next week won't be quite as busy. Hope you are well.

  10. I want to leave work right this second and head down there to do some shopping- look at all those great finds! I love them!!

  11. Oh what a great candlesticks they are and waht a great book cover! Actually I love all the "stuff" in your pictures. Very like me 🙂 Would love to go goodie hunting with you some day!

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