I’ve been craving a little luxury in my life lately since most of my time has been spent covered in paint splatters. A new perfume would do the trick, don’t you think? I’ve always wanted one of the delicious scents from Bond No. 9 and after picking up a sample of their newest fragrance, High Line, I’m officially obsessed. If a new perfume isn’t in the cards, I could be persuaded to settle for this gorgeous Park Ave. candle. It certainly would help get rid of the terrible paint fumes! Have you treated yourself to a little indulgence lately? We deserve it, right?!

6 thoughts on “LITTLE LUXURIES

  1. Well whether it smells good or not I don't know but I am LOVING that bottle!!!!!! 🙂

    I bought me a bag of natural lavender bath salts and indulged in a hot lavender bath this weekend while reading the new issue of Southern Living. Ahhh…to be back there now.

  2. On a recent trip to Sephora, I was dying for a new fragrance to help energize me, but with a less than full bank account, I couldn't afford a new scent. What a could afford however was the rollerball version of the scent. (You know, the smaller, tube like, roll on version.) Same scent, smaller form, less money! Woo hoo! It has been the perfect energizer for spring, and I've been getting lots of compliments on my new scent. And it didn't even come from a fancy, expensive bottle 🙂

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