14 thoughts on “SNEEK PEEK 2

  1. I painted our kitchen the same color green as the fourth picture. At first I was afraid it was going to be too dark, but it looks so good against the white cabinets! We did the two walls opposite each other that color, then a third wall and the one connecting to the breakfast room a very pale lime green…it's been almost a year and I still love just starring at it because I LOVE how it turned out!!!

    Good luck with your painting, it looks like it'll turn out wonderfully!! =)

  2. OH it's GORGEOUS!! Green is such a fun energetic color in the kitchen, in my next house my kitchen is going to definitely be some shade of bright green! (To match all of my Lime Le Creuset!) xox Hope you're doing well!

  3. oooh please post finished product pics! my guest bedroom linens, etc. are a green "theme" and i would love to just go for it and paint the walls too!

  4. love your inspiration for the kitchen! i painted my kitchen green (key lime of all shades) two summers ago and it gives so much energy and life to an otherwise bland space.
    XO, Jane

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