Lately I’m loving J.Crew’s “in good company” partnerships. Some are classics reinterpreted like these gold Sperrys, and others are brands like Lemlem that I’m all too happy to be introduced to. When I spotted the dress on the cover of the June catalogue, I immediately flipped through to get more info. Turns out it’s part of J.Crew’s partnership with Lemlem, a phenomenal brand founded by supermodel and Goodwill Ambassador, Liya Kebede. Liya founded Lemlem (which means “to bloom” in Ahmaric) as a way to help Ethiopian women escape poverty and to preserve the tradition of weaving. I’m all for shopping for a good cause, especially when the products are this gorgeous!
Hope you all had a GREAT weekend! Mine was spent organizing/decorating the new condo, dealing with a flat tire (how did I get 3 nails in it?!), lounging by the pool and grilling.
P.S A big thank you as always for your sweet comments, they really do make my day!


Pools across D.C are opening this weekend I thought it would only be fitting to share some photos to help us get ready for the season. Fortunately, I had to look no further than the master photographer of the good life, Slim Aarons, to find some bathing beauties to share. I’m off to pack up my pool bag and bask in the sun–with SPF of course!


Planning our housewarming party has been the light at the end of the tunnel for me during our move. Who doesn’t love a party? As with most things in my life, I want it to be bright and colorful. I’ve started to collect some inspiration photos and the two above are my current favorites. Pink+orange is such a great color combo. Very Tory Burch, don’t you think? This will be my first attempt at a housewarming party, we never had one for the last apartment, I just didn’t think it was much to show off! Any tips from you seasoned hostesses?


Traditional Home

Kate Spade

Elle Decor

I think I might have squealed with excitement when I saw the new Bon Mot Bon Shopper from Kate Spade. Since the Scalamandre wallpaper I covet isn’t in the budget right now, I must make this tote mine to fill the void. Isn’t it perfection? I’m SO obsessed!
P.S thank you so much for your sweet comments yesterday! I’m finally well rested and feeling much more sane ha!


I’ve spent the past few nights moving and unpacking boxes into the wee hours of the morning, dealing with a toilet that decided to break the night we moved in, and trying to keep my sanity while our puppy becomes ever more impatient with the interruption in his doggie park schedule. Needless to say, I’m completely exhausted. I’m taking tonight to get organized and catch up on sleep! I apologize for the lack of posts and for not being able to get over to your lovely blogs and comment as much as I would like to. I promise I’ll be back tomorrow refreshed and with some less lame posts! xx