Lately I’m loving J.Crew’s “in good company” partnerships. Some are classics reinterpreted like these gold Sperrys, and others are brands like Lemlem that I’m all too happy to be introduced to. When I spotted the dress on the cover of the June catalogue, I immediately flipped through to get more info. Turns out it’s part of J.Crew’s partnership with Lemlem, a phenomenal brand founded by supermodel and Goodwill Ambassador, Liya Kebede. Liya founded Lemlem (which means “to bloom” in Ahmaric) as a way to help Ethiopian women escape poverty and to preserve the tradition of weaving. I’m all for shopping for a good cause, especially when the products are this gorgeous!
Hope you all had a GREAT weekend! Mine was spent organizing/decorating the new condo, dealing with a flat tire (how did I get 3 nails in it?!), lounging by the pool and grilling.
P.S A big thank you as always for your sweet comments, they really do make my day!

19 thoughts on “LEMLEM LOVE

  1. I think all these JCrew partners are terrific…they just keep coming up with even more ways to win me over!

  2. I love that dress! That is adorable! How cute would that be at the beach?? I hope you had a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  3. I love all the Lemlem stuff they have, and their Fenton Fallon collaboration was great too. J.Crew can do no wrong in my book!

  4. I didn't know about these collaborations… thanks for the heads up! I love what you've shown here 🙂
    Have a great week!!

  5. How DID you get 3 nails in your tire?! Hahaha! Wow!! So sorry that happened! I love these items from J.Crew and those gold Sperrys!!! I need to go get that blue and white dress/tunic? It's beautiful!!! 🙂

  6. oh i heart jcrew forever!! 2nd one is my favorite!!

    my first time here. love your blog!!

  7. love j. crew and love that bag. thanks for sharing and always, thank you for stopping by rhs. love hearing from you.

  8. LOVE Lem Lem! Their things are so beautiful and support such a good cause. Kudos to J.Crew for getting involved.

    XX Katie

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