Planning our housewarming party has been the light at the end of the tunnel for me during our move. Who doesn’t love a party? As with most things in my life, I want it to be bright and colorful. I’ve started to collect some inspiration photos and the two above are my current favorites. Pink+orange is such a great color combo. Very Tory Burch, don’t you think? This will be my first attempt at a housewarming party, we never had one for the last apartment, I just didn’t think it was much to show off! Any tips from you seasoned hostesses?

15 thoughts on “PARTY PLANNING

  1. Oh gosh where to begin. I love to work with chinese decorations. Paper lanterns etc. Have a fun weekend xox

  2. I have been a long time fan of pink/orange. When we lived in the city we were lucky enough to have some outdoor space…it was heavenly! I did a ladies lunch with all pink and orange…very much the same feel as your inspiration photo. I love party planning! It's the planning, but even more than that it's the feeling of friends/family together enjoying life. I have a lot of ideas…if you really want them!

  3. ooh gorge, love the color combo, cant wait to see what you make of it 🙂
    Enjoy darling xoxo

  4. Photo one is fab! I love it. Somewhere on Etsy today I saw someone had orange pom pom balls listed they were so neat looking.

    Maybe a pop of aqua/teal here and there would be neat too.
    PS By the way "simple daisy" blog had an interesting recipe with peaches that may coordinate with your color scheme.

  5. I think Pink & Orange is a FABULOUS color combo, perfect for summer, (very TB!) very energizing and happy! Love the paper lanterns, you could really do so much with it. I love the idea of incorporating fruit in with your floral arrangements to keep things fun and playful. Do you have a large outdoor space at your new home? Or would the party be mostly indoors? I will work on collecting some pictures so I can email them to you, this is SO much fun! 🙂 xox

  6. love the color combo, and you're right-very TB! I just wish I could use that as an excuse for the ever growing pile of shoe boxes in the corner of my room. not clutter- decor!

  7. I love the pink/orange combination. I think I might go for this theme for my housewarming party.

  8. Love the color scheme and those invites are amazing!

    My tip would be to have personalized matchbooks made for favors with your apartment number. They are super affordable, very chic, and can be color customized! In fact… I might have to do a post about them!

  9. Love the colors! My sister and I threw a Hawaiian bridal shower for one of her girlfriends with that color scheme. White linen tablecloth with a HOT PINK runner, white orchids in square vases with black pebbles at the bottom and a bright ti plant wrapped around the stems, orange and pink napkins, Fruit salad in a carved out watermelon and tomato soup shooters in cucumbers, the options are endless! Maybe I'll have to put some pics up so you can get even more enthused 😉 Happy Housewarming! *Amy

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