I dream of the day when I’ll have more than 800 square feet to decorate. Ohh the possibilities! An office space is definitely part of my daydreams–I’ll need a headquarters for my future boutique of course! Indulging myself further in this fantasy, I created an office space I’d actually want to sit in for eight hours a day. Here’s hoping my daydreams become a reality sooner rather than later…
P.S I’m so obsessed with the Anthro dhurrie. Isn’t it gorgeous?!

13 thoughts on “ROOM TO GROW

  1. You're such a kindred spirit. I'm obsessed with that Dhurrie as well. I keep eyeing it on the Anthro website. I can't wait until we're settled in SF and I can begin decorating!!

    XX katie

  2. That mirror is so pretty!!!!!! What a great office you designed! I'd like to sit in that all day myself! Much better than the office I have here at work!!!

  3. Love the idea of a home office and I've already bought everything for the home office I don't have yet. Currently living that dream on the dining room table! ha!

  4. I love that rug too! I'm half tempted to buy and keep it for the future even though I have nowhere to put it.

    You did a great job pulling together things for your home office. I don't think I'd ever get bored working there!

  5. Yup. Totally hear you — and I'm dealing with just 500 sq. feet…and a messy live-in boyfriend. What I wouldn't do for just one more room!

    P.S. Is the inlaid bone mirror from Wisteria? I have one on my wishlist!

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