I don’t actually need anything for my upcoming birthday (24 eek!) but I certainly wouldn’t mind if any of these found their way to me… To be honest though, I’ll be perfectly content with a day or two at the beach, dinner at my favorite restaurant, lobstering with my Uncle and spending time with old friends and family. Can Wednesday come more quickly please?!


This bathroom by Amanda Nisbet is perfection down to the last detail. First of all, lets talk about that wallpaper! It reminds me of a Manuel Canovas fabric I love. The monogrammed towel, metallic pouf and scattered shells/coral are just icing on the cake. Sigh… Can you tell I’m fixated on re-doing my bathroom lately?

P.S If you’re on the hunt for a metallic pouf, fellow blogger Table Tonic has some gorgeous ones in her shop.


Canadian House and Home

House Beautiful

Canadian House and Home

With my trip to the Cape just a week away, I’ve got the beach on my mind. Actually, the beach must always be on my mind because my inspiration files are filled with gorgeous cottages like these. I love how nautical flags have been incorporated into each of these rooms. I’m hoping someday I strike it rich and can finally have the Nantucket cottage I’ve always wanted! Fingers crossed…