I don’t actually need anything for my upcoming birthday (24 eek!) but I certainly wouldn’t mind if any of these found their way to me… To be honest though, I’ll be perfectly content with a day or two at the beach, dinner at my favorite restaurant, lobstering with my Uncle and spending time with old friends and family. Can Wednesday come more quickly please?!

21 thoughts on “JUST A FEW THINGS..

  1. ok… you literally put together a collage of all of my favorite things…Rebecca Minkoff bags, Tom Ford Sunglasses, Pearl Earrings, Tory Burch and animal print!

  2. Great wishlist! I have the TF glasses and the MCD pearl earrings. Have a great weekend! xx

  3. Happy Almost Birthday! I have the Michael Kors watch and am beyond obsessed! I also have worn a hole through my TB gold flats, they go with everything!

  4. I wish I was turning 24 again 🙂 I have the Tom Ford Whitney's and they are by far my fave sunglasses. So light weight! Hope you have a great Birthday!

  5. Happy early Birthday! My 24th bday is coming up in about a month and I am totally freaking out too haha. What a great wishlist!

  6. Ahh, a girl after my own heart – leopard print, bling-y shoes (TB no less) and Meg Carter earrings! I die! xoxo

  7. Michael Kors sure knows how to make a stunning watch, doesn't he?? I usually don't wear a watch but would if I had this one!!

    Love ya! xo

  8. Oooh, nice sunglasses! Enjoy the days leading up to your bday. Lots of lunches with friends, dinners, beaching. This whole week is yours 🙂 I hope it's lovely.

  9. I am assuming today is your birthday because you wrote Wednesday so if it is HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    If not, happy belated birthday OR happy early birthday hahaha

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