I know a lot of people are looking forward to fall but I’m still enjoying every last second of summer. This picture from The Cherry Blossom Girl (aka my new favorite blog) just screams summer to me. I really need to find a white lace dress now. Maybe this one from Trina Turk? It is on sale and my birthday is just in eight short days! Tempting….

5 thoughts on “SUMMER LOVING

  1. We've had such a hot and humid summer but I would like it to last as long as possible. Fall is great but up here it lasts only a few weeks and then out of the blue, winter arrives in full force. Which would be fine for three months but it overstays its welcome around month 6 or 7.

  2. You must treat yourself to the TT dress, I have it and I love it–its so pretty but somehow understated and chic too. Enjoy!

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