Since you all responded so enthusiastically to this new series (yay!) I thought I’d pull together an outfit incorporating some of my favorite fall classics. J.Crew’s cashmere crewneck tee is without a doubt my staple fall sweater. I’d throw one over a striped tee and pair it with some leopard flats for a more updated look. A Barbour barn jacket is my go-to light weight jacket for fall. Mine has lasted me for years! I’ll definitely be wearing a variation of this outfit once the cooler weather (finally) hits D.C.


Maybe it’s a quarter-life crisis, but lately I’ve been feeling a bit lost. For the next week I thought it’d be fun to get back to the basics of what defines my style. At least I’ll have one area of my life mapped out, right? Growing up in New England and spending my high school years at boarding school have definitely influenced my style. I’m drawn to classic pieces that will stand the test of time. This gold monogrammed Danielle Stevens necklace definitely fits the bill. I have a similar one and wear it all the time. It’s a little more modern than your classic string of pearls but I guarentee you’ll be wearing it for years to come!


When I saw these photos from Kevin Sharkey’s housewarming I think my jaw audibly hit the floor. A shower full of Hermes boxes, are you kidding me?! The man has set the bar for over-the-top extravagance high. Can you imagine all the pretty things that came wrapped in those boxes? I’d be happy as a clam with just one! Enjoy that glass of Veuve Mr. Sharkey because I think you’ve made us all sufficiently jealous!


Please excuse my sporadic posting/comments this week. I have a work conference which unfortunately means 12 hour days and little time to blog. In lieu of a proper post I leave you with this gorgeous photo from photographer Amanda Pratt. Wouldn’t it be great to lounge around in pink tights listening to records all day? I’d happily trade!


Last week I gave you all a sneak peek at one of the projects I’ve had in the works. Several of you guessed exactly what I was up to right away. I should have known I wouldn’t be able to pull a fast one on my design savvy readers! With just a hot glue gun, an iron, and a measly half hour of effort, I have a custom pair of curtains. You’d never guess they were ikea, right?
P.S I bought 10 yds of trim from this ebay seller and had plenty left over!