Maybe it’s a quarter-life crisis, but lately I’ve been feeling a bit lost. For the next week I thought it’d be fun to get back to the basics of what defines my style. At least I’ll have one area of my life mapped out, right? Growing up in New England and spending my high school years at boarding school have definitely influenced my style. I’m drawn to classic pieces that will stand the test of time. This gold monogrammed Danielle Stevens necklace definitely fits the bill. I have a similar one and wear it all the time. It’s a little more modern than your classic string of pearls but I guarentee you’ll be wearing it for years to come!

12 thoughts on “MY STYLE DEFINED

  1. You went to boarding school? I was always fascinated by it, probably because of Harry Potter! I'm also a classic dresser. My friends in high school told me I dress like a country club soccer mom!

  2. I love a classic gold monogrammed necklace! It goes with everything. I went to boarding school too…I'm looking forward to seeing all your favorite "classics" this week!

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