In my opinion, Emerson of EmersonMade can do no wrong (have you seen her New Hampshire home?!) Aside from fabric flowers in every color, I’m also coveting one of her new traveling coats. I’m in desperate need of a new fall jacket and these are pure perfection. The only question is big houndstooth or khaki cotton? I’m still holding out for a Burberry trench so I think big houndstooth might be the way to go.

P.S Don’t you think EmersonMade would be perfect for J.Crew’s “In Good Company” partnerships? Emerson could clearly be a model!


  1. I LOVE these new coats and definitely vote for the houndstooth! GORGEOUS! and Miss Emerson styles all of her clothes so well!

  2. LOVE this coat! We say go with the Khaki, it's great for more than just one season and goes with just about anything!

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  3. This is so funny! I wrote about EmersonMade on Thursday too! I just found out about this amazing company a few weeks ago, and I wrote about her beautiful line of clutches. Good call on the coats…I love the houndstooth coat but honestly everything she makes is so chic…I love it all! Have a great weekend… 🙂

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