With so many occasions to raise a glass during the holiday season you’ll want to make sure to have some stylish glassware on hand. These polka dot and striped glasses from Pier 1 are my current favorites. I picked up a set of the polka dots for my Thanksgiving table (which I’m so excited to share soon) but now I’m thinking I might need to add some stripes into the mix. They’re just so festive! Don’t the polka dots remind you of falling confetti?
P.S they’re on sale for $4.99 each!

13 thoughts on “STRIPES AND POLKA DOTS

  1. My mom is horrible at keeping secrets and informed me that these will be under the christmas tree in a box with my name on it — I can't wait!!

  2. I love these glasses! What a great find! You are right they are perfect for the holidays. And given that we have broken a few glasses in my home recently, I think this is the perfect place to stock up! The gold accent makes the glasses so glam, but what great price! I am definitely going to visit pier 1 this weekend…and hopefully they still have them in stock!

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