I know I’m down south where winter coats aren’t quite necessary, but like it or not, I’ll soon be returning to DC where the weather is getting chillier by the day. You’d think that being from Massachusetts I’d be used to the cold but I’m still a beach baby at heart. I’m on the hunt for a new winter coat and as usual, can’t help but be drawn to brighter hues. I’d love to get my hands on one of these orange beauties. At the very least, if DC gets hit with massive snow storms again this year you’ll definitely be able to find me in a snow pile!

8 thoughts on “WARM AND BRIGHT

  1. I have a nice poppy red lady day coat from j.crew that I love, I love a bright pop of color against a white background. Be sure to check out Leontine Linens while you're down there.

  2. I want to live in a jcrew catalogue!

    Have you seen the coats at old navy? they have an adorable red ruffled one..its like 30.00

  3. Would love one of these for winter – we are just coming into summer so its not on the top of my list at the moment! KG

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