I received a gorgeous set of Matouk Butterfield linens for Christmas so I’m hardly in need of new bedding, but if I was this whimsical display of D.Porthault sheets and pillows would surely lure me in. All that green has me longing for spring (something I’m sure my fellow east coast readers are all ready for-especially those in NY!)

P.S  be sure to visit Fallon at A Lovely Being for some beautiful shots of the D.Porthault store in New York.

3 thoughts on “D. PORTHAULT GOES GREEN

  1. Great shot and loved Fallon’s of the store. I own several sets of Matouk myself, including a set of their Portofino cotton/poly line. Normally I wouldn’t even consider anything that wasn’t all cotton but I must say these are amazing – they feel just like the softest cotton and you can put them in the washer/dryer with no trouble. And if you’re like me and hate ironing, you can hover near the dryer – if you take them out promptly, they don’t even need pressing!

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