I Resolve To..

I’m getting a head start on my New Years resolutions and thought I’d share a few things I’m trying to keep in mind and accomplish as we move towards 2011. There’s nothing better than the feeling of having a fresh clean slate, is there? Have you made your resolutions yet? Feel free to share!

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14 thoughts on “I RESOLVE TO..

  1. Unfortunately I’m already an expert at investing in timeless pieces (but haven’t yet added a Chanel bag to the collection – I’ve been eyeing a few – that might have to happen this year). My resolution is going to involve organization, especially in the paper and magazine category – my office looks like the Collyer brothers live there!

  2. I am adding all of your wonderful resolutions to my list (especially investing in lasting pieces)! Running in my first half-marathon is my biggest and scariest one!

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