You will certainly get lots of hugs and kisses if you send out gorgeous love notes this Valentine Day from Rifle Paper! I plan on picking up the assorted set because I couldn’t possibly decide on a favorite. I might even be tempted to frame one for my desk, they’re just SO pretty!

P.S If I could, I would send each and every one of you a note for your sweet comments recently!

8 thoughts on “LOVE NOTES

  1. LOVE. I used some Rifle postcards for Holiday well wishes and fell in love with the quality. I think these are a must-have (Valentine’s Day is very special in my family!).
    I’m such a nerd, but I keep one card and envelope from every set I buy because I get so attached to their lovliness – such a great idea to frame! May have to research an in-expensive way to do this… How cute would it be to type-write cryptic little notes or phrases on them??

  2. Love it, so much. Love that they’re not your typical frilly, red Valentine’s cards, but they’re still dainty enough to express your sentiments. Heading over there now!

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