The much blogged about shots from Vogue’s newest feature, “Five Days, Five Looks,” are stunning but I keep finding myself coming back to this one photo. I’ve dreamed about that Cartier tank watch for years and love how it looks paired with an oversized link bracelet. Filipa noted in the feature that since she was young, she had always wanted a link bracelet that she could add charms to with her children’s initials. My mother actually has a similar bracelet (although much smaller) with monogrammed charms bearing our birthstones for my sister and I. I would love to carry on the tradition and invest in a link bracelet of my own, but as Jessica and I discussed yesterday via twitter, they’re so difficult to find! I figured what better search party to send out than my style savvy readers. Have you stumbled across a similar bracelet lately? I’d be so grateful for a source!

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  1. I’ve been obsessing over finding the perfect base for a charm bracelet for the past week, so I’m excited to see what the other comments suggest. Tiffany’s is an obvious choice, and is probably what I’ll end up with, but I was also pleasantly surprised by the Juicy Couture options (not a brand I’m usually into). Ideally I’d love to find one that mixes gold and silver or yellow gold and white gold, but I have yet to find any like that.

  2. I took all my old gold to my jeweler with a photo of what I wanted him to melt down and make. I have a very Tiffany-esque bracelet without paying for the cost of the gold.

  3. Hi Lindsay…I too have an obsession with this photo! And with gold link bracelets to boot! I have a faux version of this very one from Ralph Lauren, its on the website for about $50. I also have a real charm bracelet from Tiffany’s with charms of my children’s birthdays. The great thing about the T and co one is that each link opens on its own, so I can wear the charms on a chain on my neck sometimes and each new charm does not require a trip to the jewelers to solder it on! (I also have some of the pottery from the post below in my home, AND have been talking to Toss about carrying their line in my store…finally, I had contacted Hanna of Gadabout a few weeks prior to your remake about graphics for my store’s site…you are IN MY HEAD!crazy!:)
    we have such similar taste, no wonder I adore your blog!

    • Sue- Of course I could count on you for the perfect source! Your Tiffany’s bracelet sounds amazing and so versatile! As for Toss and Hanna, you know what they say about great minds.. 🙂

  4. Oh how I love a bunch of gold bangles and chunky links on a wrist! A true investment would be a gold link bracelet from Elizabeth Locke. Her jewelery is stunning, albeit expensive and a little ‘high society’ but absolutely timeless. x

  5. I love the Cartier tank watch and one day I would love to own one (along with a Goyard bag)! But, I do have a link bracelet that my father gave to me. He had it made while living overseas and it was designed after the Hermes link bracelet. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, there are a lot of reputable jewelry places in NYC that will design the perfect piece for you!!

  6. Just discovered your blog via Twitter and I had to leave a comment on this post. I also narrowed in to Filipa’s wrist and had some serious gold envy myself. I have the Tank Francaise in the combination silver and gold and aspire to own the gold version someday. Heavy gold charm bracelets are another obsession of mine. Check out – they have an amazing selection of charms and bracelets and are reasonably priced.

    xo Kelly

    • Kelly, I am seriously envious of your Tank 😉 I’m also a big fan of CharmCo and think that’s probably who I’ll end up going with. Their selection is just phenomenal- I could get lost for hours! xo

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