These evil eye bracelets from L-Atitude are my latest jewelry obsessions. They’re perfect in their simplicity and would look amazing piled high or mixed with a stack of gold bangles. The contrast between the twine and gold rimmed stones is casual chic at it’s best. Better yet, at only $10-$15 each, you can afford to pick up a few for your sister and best friend, subsequently avoiding evil eyes of a different nature!

12 thoughts on “THE EVIL EYE

  1. OMG Lindsay, these are SO right up my alley! I am obsessed with evil eye/hamasa hands and all middle eastern/asian supersticious charms – these breaclets are so pretty and you are so right about the prices! I am going to order one today (after I decide which stone to get) – I could use some good luck right now 🙂

  2. LOVE these!! I had a Persian friend give me a similar type of bracelet a few years ago and always have loved the unique design and the charm. What a great find!!

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