With a new job lined up and a few other exciting things in the works, I’m feeling like the sky is the limit lately. What better color than sky blue to celebrate the notion of limitless possibility? Both serene and stylish, you really can’t go wrong with this hue (perhaps with the exception of 80s eyeshadow which should be avoided at all costs!)

Dash & Albert Rug | Chanel RivaNail Polish | Marlyn Schiff Earrings | An Eye for Design | Robert Abbey Lamp

20 thoughts on “THE SKY’S THE LIMIT

  1. I just love this! My school color is light blue, so sometimes I feel a little cheesy decorating with the color… but this is just lovely. The lamp is added to my wish list.

  2. I basically just fell in love with that lamp and I want one in each color. I am thinking salmon pink, but can’t decide if it will look too much like a fleshy color?

  3. new jobs are so exciting–full of new possibilities. just like a fresh bottle of polish. love that shade. may get it for myself…
    good luck!

  4. Looooove blue and you picked all my favorites shades! Congrats on new jobs..means new possibilities and who knows what else! Particularly love the rug and the lamp, each one of these beautiful items could easily and effortlessly inspire an entire splendid room!

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