D.C is often given the short end of the stick when it comes to things related to style and design. Yes, we may have our fair share of politicos in nondescript suits, but there are also many talented, creative, and stylish Washingtonians out there. In an effort to show that D.C has more to offer than back room deals, power suits, and pearls, I’ve decided to start a new series highlighting some of the amazing people and companies we have here in the District.

First up is Inslee Haynes, a D.C based fashion illustrator, whose work has inspired me to take a little bit more care when dressing in the morning. Oh to be as chic as one of her illustrations! Not only is Inslee incredibly talented, she’s also completely in tune with the fashion world and blogging community. I love that she draws inspiration from luxury lines like Prada’s Spring 2011 ad campaign as well as some of my favorite blogs (be sure to check out her illustrations inspired by The Fashion Magpie, The Man Repeller, and Mrs. Lilien!) If you’re itching for an illustration of your own, Inslee accepts commissioned projects and sells select prints and note cards in her online shop. I’m dying over her Valentine’s Day illustration (first image above)–that hot pink trench!

I hope you enjoyed a peek at Inslee Stationery and I can’t wait to highlight more of the talented people here in D.C!


  1. That first illustration is adorable, it would make such a cute vday card!

    I know what you mean, living in Boston I feel like a lot of great creatives get overshadowed by the new yorkers and west coast cities! Maybe I’ll start something like this for Boston!

  2. So lovely, thank you for featuring Inslee! After looking at every single product and careful deliberation, I think I am going to order the “shopping spree” flat cards. I like to write little quotations on blank cards and use them instead of store bought birthday cards etc. – these will be just perfect!

  3. I love this idea! I love the valentine illustration too. If you’re looking for more locals to feature consider me —

    The Zhush is featuring one of pieces in a giveaway this week too. It’s that blue you were talking about the other day 🙂

  4. I die! The prints inspired by Emily Giffin’s books are a MUST for me. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the info!

  5. This is such a great idea! According to the mainstream press, only LA & NY inhabitants have style, but I think–and you show–it’s truly not the case. Us smaller cities have tons of originality and fresh looks.

  6. I love her work. I love the casual yet very elegant way
    she represents the female characters of her drawings. I
    bought an original and am thinking on buying another. Only
    problem is they don’t have me as a registered customer and
    I am having some problems getting setup?
    Sorry for the small complaint…I sincerely love all she
    draws and her wonderful ideas…

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