I would never forget to schedule a manicure again if I had this adorable illustration by Samantha Hahn. I love that it’s a little Warhol-esque, don’t you? The furthest to the left in the second row looks like it could be Chanel’s Rive which I blogged about in my¬†blue post. With this beautiful weather we’ve been having in DC, I’m thinking it’s time to transition from my current favorite, Lollipop by Essie, to something a little lighter. No sure if I’m ready for Rive yet though. What are you wearing these days?

14 thoughts on “POLISHED

  1. This is perfection! I am still wearing shades of red, but lately I’m craving a bright pink. The bottom row middle polish looks like exactly what I have in mind, might have to pick up a bottle this weekend.

  2. This does remind me of a Warhol! I’m wearing OPI “Dulce de Leche.” It’s a really nice neutral, but I’m itching to try something turquoise or green!

  3. I’m currently wearing OPI Russian Navy, but I just bought a yellow, green and turquoise to try with Barry M Instant Nail Effects and I’m excited! Love the illustration!!!

  4. Sometimes I honestly think that Chanel puts insane colors into the market just to see if their good name and reputation can sell such an outlandish, even ridiculous polish color. Personally, I left blue and green nails behind when I was 18. When it comes to trends I don’t buy into zany nail color. It may only be my opinion but I think red and pink are timeless and elegant. Sometimes black or greige when I feel like something dramatic.

  5. Very cute little piece of artwork indeed!

    Feeling inspired by my latest book purchace, Rajasthan, I am currently wearing “I’m In-dia love with you” a pretty hot pink color, on my toes :-), it makes me very happy!!

    Northern Light

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