Given the lack of love this little blog has been getting lately, you might be wondering what’s going on. The truth is, after logging some seriously long hours at the office, I’m lucky if I get my face washed and my jewelry off before I pass out. I’m convinced I’d be so much more well rested if I had a set of these gorgeous D. Porthault pajamas to slip on before I hit the hay. Thank you so much for your patience with my less than stellar posts. I promise things will be back to normal soon!

10 thoughts on “SHUT EYE

  1. I think you’re doing a fantastic job! No worries.
    BTW, regarding your post for the Kate Spade wallet, the sample sale is happening now! I can email you the link if you need it! xoxo
    p.s. the pajamas look so comfy!

  2. I saw these last week when in Madison and added them to my birthday wish list. I am hoping mother will say yes so that I can match our sheets at home!! A girl can dream and wish, right!?

  3. Just found your wonderful blog all the way from Spain; gorgeously inspirational.
    Do pop over to mine; unfortunately you’ve just missed our competition to win two prizes from our jewellery boutique Luxuria. But there will be another one shortly.
    Hope to see you there 🙂

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