Of all my interior addictions, my weakness for beautiful dinnerware might be one of the worst. We currently have no less than four sets of china in our cabinets which even I admit, might be a little excessive for only two people. The polka dotted cuties above are part of the latest collection to catch my eye. The cheerful designs are from London based brand, Lisa Stickley. If polka dots are your thing, you’ll definitely be a fan! Since I’m barred from purchasing any more dinnerware, I’ve got my eye on the Substantially Generous Jug. I’m picturing it filled with bunches or peonies or hydrangeas. So pretty!

10 thoughts on “SPOTTED

  1. Love it! Like you, I also have an obsession for china. It took me MONTHS to figure out which set(s) to add to our registry and even after I was done, I could not stop second-guessing myself.

  2. I have a china addiction as well (of course I do!) but am unmarried and have yet to inherit my sets….but I have quite the growing wish list. Would love to hear more about your 4 sets, perhaps a future post – so jealous!! xo KO

  3. This cracks me up. There really should be a support group for us all! It is just so beautiful and… moving? There is something, to me, about china which is as beautiful as a bouquet of flowers. You just want to wrap it all up in your arms and squeeze!! Or that could just be me.

    I need a second China cabinet for mine. Oops! Do you have the same issue with stemware? Silverware?

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