I’ve finally replaced most of my ratty furniture from college, but am still on the hunt for a desk. I fell in love with Jonathan Adler’s gorgeous Channing, but unfortunately I don’t think it would be too fiscally responsible of me to spend the better part of a month’s rent on a desk. Sigh, bills really cramp my decorating style! Yesterday, while browsing at World Market, I came across one of their newest arrivals, the Josephine. Very similar to my beloved Channing but for a fraction of the price! No, it doesn’t have the sleek chrome legs or lucite drawer pulls but for only $199 I’d have enough left over to buy some great desk accessories to style it up!

16 thoughts on “STEAL THE LOOK

  1. and THAT is why i love world market. i think the josephine is great – and a perfect canvas for those stylish desk accessories. happy shopping!

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