This weekend I spent some time tackling the stack of magazines that had gradually taken over my night stand. After tearing out and re-reading the Tory Burch In Style feature, I found myself searching my files for photos of her impossibly chic boutiques. The three pictured above, Hong Kong, Seoul and Palm Beach respectively, are my absolute favorites.  The bold color combinations and graphic patterns paired with lacquer and brass accents leave me weak in the knees. I’ve already suggested Tory pen a book on style, perhaps she could include a chapter on interiors? I know I’d be taking notes!

7 thoughts on “BOUTIQUE BRIGHTS

  1. I adore Tory’s style! I think the last image is East Hampton, but perhaps her Palm Beach store has the same design? I really embrace her use of color, boldness with patterns and overall chicness of every single space she puts her name on!

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