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One of the folders in my perpetually cluttered iphoto is dedicated to fashion inspiration. I spent some time last night browsing through it in search of ideas for spring (if it ever gets warm here in DC!) and couldn’t help but be drawn to these photos of Viviana Volpicella, Assistant Fashion Editor for Vogue Nippon. Yellow seems to be her signature color, no? I think I’ll take a cue from the Italian born beauty and invest in a billowy yellow blouse this spring. Asos has a great option available but I’ll be on the lookout for more.


  1. Since I first saw that yellow blouse I’ve been crazy about it’s style and chicness! Love the color and love the look! If you find more sources for good option, please share!

  2. Stunner. She is gorgeous! How fun that yellow is her signature color – much more fresh than pink or black which seems to be what people typically claim as a signature… That blouse in the second image is AMAZINGGGG!

  3. I’m loving everything yellow right now, but sadly I have Nothing yellow in my closet. (Sad face) Will have to look for a few things pronto. Headed to DC this weekend to enjoy the Cherry Blossoms – hope the weather holds out nicely.

  4. I adore yellow, and she looks so fantastic in it!! I’m also on the lookout for a bit more yellow in my closet for spring/summer hopefully I’ll be drenched in it once it warms up. Which seems like it never will, our weather people are talking to me about snow (in MA) I can’t even think about it, I”m in denial.

  5. I hate to be the bearer of bad news Linda, but DC is supposed to be cold and rainy this weekend. I don’t wear yellow often, but also have somewhat similar skin/ hair tones and will definitely consider it. Love that it goes well with neutrals and other bright colors like that cobalt!

  6. I have been having such affections for yellow lately, and I’m sure it has something to do with the weather. Like you I am absolutely craving warmer temperatures, and I’m curious to know if warmer colors will usher it in.

  7. Love Viviana but that picture is from last you think yellow would be a good buy this year….or do we watch and see what she wears now!

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