Most catalogs I receive barely get a second glance before they end up in the trash. I can’t stand seeing stacks of mail accumulate on our console so I’m a bit discriminating with what gets to stay and what has to go. Anthropologie is one of the exceptions. Their stunning photography showcases the exotic shoot locations just as much as the clothing which makes me feel like I’m flipping through a coffee table book rather than a store catalog. The May catalog is one of my favorites from both a fashion and photography standpoint. I’d gladly gallivant throughout the jungle in any of the outfits above regardless of their practicality!


As I get back into the swing of things, I couldn’t help but post these photos from the latest issue of Matchbook featuring the lovely Hanna Brooks Nation. It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Hanna and Gadabout (she did all the design work for The Pursuit of Style!) so I was thrilled to see her gorgeous feature which makes me want to pack up and move to Charleston even more!

P.S I apologize for the unexpectedly long hiatus, a big project at work left me burned out and more than a little uninspired. I’m excited to be back in action and with exciting projects underway!