After being away from the blog for so long, I knew that a fresh start would require some fresh inspiration. Lately I can’t get enough of German artist Nina Nolte. The painting above is from her series “The Best is Yet to Come”–I can’t think of a more appropriate theme to start off 2012! I’m always searching for statement pieces to add to my jewelry collection and only wish I had snapped up this Kate Spade stunner when it was available. Jackie Kennedy’s equally beautiful sister Lee Radziwill is another icon of mine. Her book Happy Times is currently on my nightstand and offers the most intimate glimpse into the lives of the Bouvier sisters. In 2012 I’m resolving to take care of myself. Getting the requisite 8 hours of sleep should be no problem thanks to my dreamy new D. Porthault Tigre shams. Color and pattern continue to be my biggest sources of inspiration and Quadrille marries the two perfectly. GADABOUT’S “A Horse of a Different Color” note cards have been on my wish list for years. The fact that they continue to inspire me is reason enough to pull the trigger!

P.S Thank you for all of your kind emails and tweets over the past few months. I had no idea how many of you came to love this little blog and am eager to get back to posting!

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7 thoughts on “FRESH INSPIRATION

  1. Welcome back big time !!! I had just come across your blog (I forget how…you know how you link to a link to a link….) and was in adornment. I really enjoyed your posts and was doing a complete “Pursuit of Style Marathon” – about two days before you stopped posting. So selfishly glad to see that you are back. Post when you can and feel no pressure- your followers are happy with whatever you do. Thanks and Happy New Year !!!

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