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I’ve already shared some fresh inspiration for the New Year, but there are many time tested favorites in my inspiration files worth revisiting. Rita Konig’s Greenwich Village apartment is one of those spaces that I can look at a million times and still find new details to love. Rita has mastered the art of the mix. In a way that is seemingly effortless, she layers traditional, modern, and eclectic pieces to create a perfectly chic space that is also inviting and lived in. I’ve rounded up a few pieces to Rita-fy your own space. My personal favorite is the letterpressed LOVE print from Sugar Paper. I happen to have an anniversary coming up and this would be the perfect gift, don’t you think?

11 thoughts on “STEAL THE LOOK: RITA KONIG

  1. AHHH I think that ikat pillow is JUST what I need for the linen chair I have in my bedroom! And I truly can’t believe that lamp is from Target… What a steal! Rita is always so inspiring…

  2. Great post. I also enjoyed yesterday’s big time and left a comment but somehow it did not show up. I have to figure out what I did wrong 🙂 Enjoy your blog very much ~

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