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This is the time of year when I miss being in college and having a two week spring break just around the corner. I’d gladly take mid-terms all over again for those two weeks of R&R! Luckily, I do have a trip in the not so distant future and have been gathering my travel essentials in preparation for take-off.

My biggest purchase was a new set of DVF luggage scored during a recent One King’s Lane sale. My Dad taught us to never travel in sweats  so I do try and look put together while still being comfortable. Generally, this translates into skinny jeans paired with a tee or sweater. An easy-on, easy-off necklace and security friendly flats dress up the look. I also almost always have a pashmina stashed in my bag to combat the freezing airplane air!

Do you have any trips on the horizon?

14 thoughts on “PREPARE FOR TAKE OFF

  1. You can’t go wrong with some brightly colored or patterned luggage to stand out among the black and neutral colored zippered ones! I agree with you on travel wardrobes though; I’m definitely the type to wear normal clothes, not sweats. I stick with flats (easy to get on and off), khakis or jeans, and a light jacket or scarf.

    I’m heading to DC for the first time in March! I grew up on the East Coast but weirdly I never made it past the Mason-Dixon line about two years ago. I’m excited to visit friends, sight-see, and relax. 🙂

    Where are you headed?

    • I’m headed to Key Largo for some much needed beach time! Let me know if you need any suggestions while you’re in DC. I’m always happy to share my favorites 🙂

  2. I’ve been lusting the hot pink Manolo Blahnik driving mocs from the Resort Collection, but these are an AMAZING wallet friendly alternative. I just ordered them! Thanks for the great find.

  3. I was JUST telling my husband last night that when I was little my parents would make my brother and I dress up for plane rides. We were never allowed to wear sweats- too funny that you were taught the same thing!

  4. I just discovered your blog via Refinery29 and I am in love! Can’t believe you weren’t already on our blog roll! Keep up the amazing stuff 🙂
    Morgan & Carrie

  5. I’m lucky enough to still be in college – though my Spring Break is only one week! I wish I had that DVF suitcase to pack all my bikinis in for my trip to Mexico!

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