chandelier | pillow | guest towels | vase | benches*| rug

Jamie Meares, of I Suwannee, is someone that needs no introduction around these parts. I’m a huge fan of basically everything she does and we seem to share the same style philosophy: the more color and pattern the better! Unsurprisingly, her online shop, Furbish Studio, is the destination for all things fun and chic.

Furbish online recently had a makeover and I’d highly encourage you to head over, take a peek and fill up your shopping cart (mine’s already filled with the above). To soften the blow to your AMEX, use code newfurb for 15% off through Saturday!

P.S Jamie, someday I will show up on Furbish’s doorstep in NC begging for a job so that I can bask in you and Keila’s design glory. Let’s try and make that work,  Okay? Thanks!

*bench photoshop skills thanks to Kelly Market

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