Wedding season is in full swing! I’m sure over the past few weekends many of you have put on a pretty dress, grabbed a bouquet, and stood by as one of your besties tied the knot.

I was recently asked to be a bridesmaid, and I must confess, this will be my first time! So for all the brides, and old pro bridesmaids out there, I’d like to open the floor for discussion…

What are your tips for being a great bridesmaid?

4 thoughts on “BRIDESMAIDS

  1. taking on small tasks like coordinating an evening for any DIY projects. it could be as simple as asking friends for their addresses and creating a spreadsheet for invites and save the dates. figure out something that is time consuming and/or stressful and take that off of the bride. listen when she wants to gripe about how the planning is going and offer her your support. if her and the groom get in an argument, do not bash him, just listen.

  2. Elizabeth is right on. (I especially like her last piece of wisdom.)

    I’ll add: Stay classy. That means everything from being tactfully honest about bridesmaid dress selection during the process but keeping your mouth closed about negative opinions once it’s actually selected to not drinking too much at the reception to having a sweet speech prepared (even if you’re not the maid of honor, you could speak at the rehearsal dinner or another event) to planning a bachelor party and bridal shower that truly reflect the bride (as opposed to what the bridesmaids/friends want). I imagine you’ll be a great bridesmaid!

    One bridal shower idea I heard about recently had a “date night” theme, where the gifts all had to be something the couple would do together (picnic baskets, movie tickets, gift certificates to a local theater, restaurant or cooking class, etc.). I think that would be lovely, assuming it reflects the couple and their needs. 🙂

  3. One thing I have learned is that you need not offer ideas unless asked, but you should always step in to help without having to be asked.

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