Yikes, I can’t believe it’s already been five weeks since I started this challenge. My stairwell has definitely come a long way from its boring beige, track lighting beginnings and it looks like I’m on schedule for next week’s big reveal! If you’re new to this series, start at Week One to get caught up to speed.


This week’s project was to get busy hanging artwork and create a gallery wall. I don’t want to ruin next week’s big reveal by sharing after photos just yet, but this project is done and I’m loving the way it’s transformed the space.

As I’ve mentioned before, the space has 13ft ceilings, which is a ton of wall space to cover! To tackle this issue, I decided to frame two huge vintage nautical charts. My original thought was to hang them vertically, one on top of the other, but as you’ll see next week plans changed a bit.

  I happened to have an extra can of Benajmin Moore’s Surf Blue and decided on a whim to use it to paint the photo mattes. I think it provides a nice contrast against the seafoam green walls.

After endlessly arranging photos on my living room floor, I finally decided on a configuration that seemed to work. To better visualize how my arrangement would look on the wall, I traced each piece of artwork on paper, labeled the cut outs, and taped them to the wall to perfect spacing etc. After hammering in the picture hangers, you can just tear off the paper!

So there you have it, the beginnings of my gallery wall. I’m still waiting on a few pieces of artwork to arrive. One of which being the Tracey Kafka abstract you all loved last week!

Paint, paint, paint!
Update light fixture
Invest in artwork
Create a gallery wall


Photograph the space for its big reveal!

P.S Be sure to check out the other participants below!


  1. I am usually not a person that lays things out like that, but I think that you have to in your case.. the walls are so tall! I am going to have to try this… it would save me a few extra holes in the wall!

  2. Gallery walls can be a bitch but you are making it look easy…..I get to impatient to make the templates but that is truly the best way. Can’t wait to see it!

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