26 FOR 26

Today is my 26th birthday. It seems like the older you get the faster the years slip by! In an effort to make the most of my 26th year I’ve set some goals for myself. Some are silly and frivolous (#17), and others are practical (#2). Whatever they may be, I hope to cross off as many as I can over the next year and I hope you’ll follow along with me!


1.    buy my first real piece of furniture (September 2012)

2.    get my finances in order (thanks to Molly for the inspiration) (April 2013)

3.    volunteer for a cause I’m passionate about

4.    organize my tear sheets into binders (June 2013)

5.    do a better job of letting go of the little things — this is probably more of a lifetime goal so not going to cross it off just yet, but I think I definitely made progress!

6.    host a holiday party

7.    give back with a donation to my boarding school

8.    devote more time to this blog

9.    create an editorial calendar to stay organized

10.  join or start a book club (June 2013)

11.  take a class in photoshop


12.  buy a piece of original artwork I adore (August 2012)

13.  ‘finish’ (is it ever finished?) our apartment and have it photographed (August 2013)

14.  invest in a classic handbag (February 2013)

15.  find my signature scent

16.  set up a proper bar…

17.  …and learn to mix a mean drink!

18.  master a hairstyle that involves more than a side part or pony tail

19.  give this blog a makeover! (March 2013)


20.  say yes to more invitations—even if it means going out of my comfort zone

21.  take a trip to New York (scheduled for September 2013)

22.  pick apples in the fall (September 2012)

23.  sign up for a course in interior design (November 2012, May 2013)

24.  run a 5k (June 2013)

25.  embrace Halloween and come up with a creative costume

26.  save for that trip to Greece I’ve always dreamed of!

21 thoughts on “26 FOR 26

  1. First, happy birthday! I hope you have a fantastic day/week/year!

    Second, I can’t believe you’re only 26! You’re so together! I imagined you to be in your early 30s.

    Third, this is a great list of goals! Good luck!

  2. Great goals, and happy birthday! I might steal this post idea for my birthday in 2 weeks – hope you don’t mind! (obviously will credit you for it though.) I always love setting goals but haven’t done it lately!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! these are great goals!!! cant wait for you to blog them all along the way. Ill have to steal this idea for me in december for 28.

  4. Happy happy birthday! Mine is this week also (twins!) and it always makes me reflect on where I am and where I’d like to be this time next year. LOVE your list and can’t wait to watch you cross things off left and right! xx

  5. I love this list- I should make a 32 before 32 list, since 31 is too close. YIKES, did I just write 32. OK, I want to crawl into a hole now.

    Since I need a pick me up, I think retail therapy will work. Speaking of, I saw on instagram (stalking much) that you hit up the Matouk outlet- was it worth it? What kinds of deals do they have?
    I am trying to convince my husband that I have to go there and I need more than just “because”, gimmie some ammo to hit him with 🙂

  6. PS- I’m the largest s*ithead around- HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

    I HOPE YOU HAVE THE BEST DAY EVER, and please forgive me for having a brain fart earlier and just talking about myself and not wishing you a very happy birthday!!! xox

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