Urban Outfitters Rug | Marc Jacobs Flats | L-Atitude Scarf | Notebook | Tray

Just a few things that have caught my eye lately…

A gorgeous rug that I’d consider for my living room if it were just a little bit bigger. An updated take on the Union Jack that would be the perfect addition to my bar. Pretty patterned notebooks, 2 for only $12! Minty green leopardyes, please! The mouse ballet flats I’ve coveted for at least 3 seasons now are now in available in hot pink. Time to pull the trigger? I think yes!

5 thoughts on “IN PURSUIT

  1. LOVE the tray and the scarf!

    Regarding the flats though … In pink they definitely make me think “pig” not “mouse,” which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but would stop me from pulling the trigger, personally. Actually, who am I kidding? The price tag would stop me from pulling the trigger, but I’d be more tempted by the gray. 😉

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