Do you read Garance Dore? It’s one of my daily reads. Garance is the epitome of effortless chic (are French women just born that way?) but also has a great sense of humor and appears to be very down to earth.

I especially love her ‘Pardon My French’ videos. Here are a few favorites to get us through Friday.

P.S Can you even imagine sitting down to interview Jenna Lyons or Diane von Furstenberg? I would die and then stumble over every word!

2 thoughts on “GARANCE DORE

  1. I had more respect for her until she got into that twisted relationship with the (then married) Sartorialist, where she says he’s her weight loss coach.

    I’ll probably be deleted or never posted, but sorry–she is not an example of someone to emulate. In fact, I’d call her a dangerous role model for young women.

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